By: jenjaclub

Rodrigues Jr
29 Nov

Rodriguez Jr reveals a different incarnation of Mateu’s musical psyche, one that strides ahead, guided only by his kaleidoscopic vision; moving through…

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James Zabiela
10 Nov

James Zabiela is a rare breed of artist. Over the last 12 years he has become something of a heritage act…

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Mirko Loko
27 Oct

Mirko Loko’s passion for music has led him on an upward trajectory ever since he first started DJing in the late…

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Patrick Topping
10 Jan

In a short space of time, Patrick Topping has become part of the top tier in dance music. Part the new wave of…

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Weekenders X Nastia
06 Dec

Nastia’s ascendancy to her current status has been nothing short of an unexpected whirlwind of success. The DJ, promoter, label owner…

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Weekenders X Noir
03 Nov

Now I’m in a place,” says Rene Noir Kristensen, “where I want to make club music again”. That place is built…

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01 Apr

The trippiest track in your crate right now Personally, I still love to play my song „Mizar“. I always can loose…

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