By: jenjaclub

Weekenders X Andre Crom
14 Apr

Andre Crom’s enduring passion for underground dance music becomes most visible during his DJ-sets, where he seamlessly combines house and techno,…

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Weekenders X Einmusik
01 Apr

Samuel Kindermann is always on the move and doesn’t need the bonds of trends which are creeping through the clubs season…

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Weekenders X Luca Bacchetti
31 Mar

Luca Bacchetti mixes a lot of dark and somber minimal techno sounds, many of those obviously among his own productions but…

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Weekenders X DJ Tennis
25 Mar

DJ Tennis’ label Life & Death features many up and coming talents from all over the world such as Tale Of…

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Weekenders x Dominik Eulberg
18 Mar

Attempted by so many people vainly, Dominik Eulberg is the one who can claim for himself having reconciled ornithology and techno…

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15 Mar

Skratch Bastid, is a world-renowned DJ and producer. He is a three-time winner of the coveted Scribble Jam DJ Battle and…

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Celeste Siam
11 Mar

Celeste Siam – is one of Asia’s hottest musical exports. Her vision and Sounds reflect her genuine knowledge of old and…

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