Born in Barcelona (Spain) Ricardo’s career in the music industry started as a Funky D.J., and shortly after that, he was playing House music, which was the basis of his firsts sessions.
His enormous talent and his excellent music selection led to his move into a large discothèque, “La Sala Desliz.” Shortly after, he was working in famous venues, such as “Comics “and “Verdi”, while at the same time being involved in some of the major After Hours in Barcelona like “DB” and “Kodigo”.
One year later, while still spinning in the After Hours, he began working along side with Cesar de Melero in” ON-OFF” (Poble Espanyol’s Club). It was at this time that Ricardo began to be recognized as being among the group of prestigious deejays working in Barcelona, and also in Ibiza and a level of international recognition was accruing. By now the combination of foreign do acts were creating a new vibrancy on the Barcelona’s music scene.

FDC 250K

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