Not in pursuit of the party life, but instead for the natural peace and beauty the White Isle offers. It has meant he has found himself happily locked away, making beats for months and taking a break from touring. Not worried about whatever anyone else is doing, he has instead focussed on what makes him unique, and that is to be equal part DJ and producer.

As such, with his most recent project he has focused on exactly this symbioses of his production and DJ skills. The result is Stories From Sa Talaia, a free to download double album presented as a DJ mix that is made from all his own new and exclusive beats. This working process has given HOSH the freedom to really explore a wide variety of sound and makes for a two hour opus that finds Holger Behn dipping into many different moods and grooves, all in a coherent fashion and tied together with his own particular style: that style is one that tells one grand story rather than offer brief highlights. It is a style that has taken him to headline gigs all over Europe, Asia, Australia and both Americas in about every major club, including his own party in Ibiza and too many festivals to mention. There, he aims to play sets that, “hypnotize and mesmerize the people and get them lost in sound.”
Of course, that has been his mission for years now. Mainly as a founding part of the “incredibly talented” Diynamic crew with family members Stimming and boss Solomun, he has carved out his own melodic house and tech niche across a series of fine EPs and LPs. With that label he has also nurtured younger, new school artists and has always stayed ahead of trends.

FDC 250K

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