Mirko started when he was 17 years old and quickly got noticed for his musical inspiration, sounds from Detroit and Chicago. He worked as a planner of programm and resident DJ on famous national radio Couleur 3 during 3 years and started to mix in Loft electroclub from the opening in 1998 to build up a name and reputation that are well established today.Mirko also has a solid experience on the international scene, he played in prestigious clubs like the rex in Paris, the an-fer in Dijon, the Cova and the moog in Barcelona, the Mazzo in Amsterdam, the mythical club Cielo in New York, and especially at the Detroit Electronic Music Festival (d.e.m.f 2001) organised by Carl Craig, who invited Mirko for the second edition. He also played a few times in the Matrix in Zurich (belonging to Sven Väth and Leila from Dekadance) and at the 2004 WMC.In 2003, Mirko left for New York where he was offered a residency at the New York club Tronic Treatment in Soho, club which invites regularely Matthew Dear, Richie Hawtin, Christian Smith and many more major artists of the electronic scene.He comes back in Switzerland in 2004 and the Loft Electroclub offers him the job of artistic programmer.In 2005 he met Raphael Ripperton, they both discovered musical affinities in each other’s works and started to work very quickly on a studio project which became Lazy Fat People, played and supported by Carl Craig and James Holden and which first EP was released early 2006 on Border Community, James Holden’s label. In 2006, the duet will be signed on Mathew Jonson Wagon Repair label and on the very prestigious Planet E., Carl Craig’s label.Nowadays, aside from the Lazy Fat People project and his regular sets accross Europe, Mirko is still in charge of the artistic program of the Loft Electroclub and is well supported by his mentors, Carl Craig, Derrick May and Laurent Garnier.Nowadays, musically oriented to all new sorts of modern’s grooves between minimal, jacking and electro, Mirko remains one of the sure values of the swiss scene

FDC: 250k

Strict door policy:dress up properly. No shorts, no sandals, no singlets. Management deserves the right to refuse entry.