In a world of ever- changing trends, TIEFSCHWARZ (deep black) is the most timeless of hues: it
has style, depth, intrigue and above all staying power. And with a DJ & Producer career spanning
more than 14 years to date, the German deep house duo has proven just how apt their moniker
has turned out to be. Born and bred in Stuttgart, brothers Ali and Basti Schwarz’s passion for
techno and deep house was largely driven by their experiences in the early 90’s as DJs at the now
legendary clubs that Ali ran in their home town, “ON -U” (1990 – 1993) and “Red Dog” (1993 –
1997). Around 1997, the brothers decided to begin producing and embarked on their joint venture
as TIEFSCHWARZ, releasing their first single “Music” on Wave Music (New York) in 1998. The
success of their debut spurred them to record their first album “Ral 9005”, released on the
Stuttgart-based label Four Music in 2000. The album was subsequently licensed to Classic
Recordings in London in 2002, putting TIEFSCHWARZ on the map in the UK and laying the
groundwork for international notoriety. In the same year, Classic also released Ali & Basti’s mix
album “A Little Help For Your Friends” and both releases were enthusiastically received by the
English and international press
FDC: 250K
Strict door policy: Dress up properly, no shorts, sandals and singlets. Management deserves the right to refuse entry.