We are beyond excited to have the master back in 2019. 

If ever there was an artist who does not need an introduction, it has to be the man known to music lovers the world over, simply as El Maestro. Throughout his rise to become both a foundation and a founding father of the underground house scene, the name Hernan Cattaneo has become synonymous with dedication, passion and an unwavering commitment to championing a unique quality of music that is hard to define, but instantly recognizable as his signature sound.

The quality of his selection and production skills were soon being called on by the biggest house labels, including Bedrock, Perfecto, Renaissance, and Balance. As his global career grew, he also did his legions of fans, and word spread worldwide about his legendary all-night set had his power to set your feet on fire and make your soul sing. Long since it was established as a hot ticket in any town, Hernan’s legendary all-night sets have seen him conquer every corner of the globe. There is a scarcely a club, a festival or dancefloor on the planet that has not been transported on a masterful music journey long after the ebb of the final beat. 

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Strict door policy (no singlets, flip-flops or beachwear allowed!). If the club is full, the entry is not guaranteed, so get in early! Management reserves the right to refuse entry.