The trippiest track in your crate right now:
Robag Wruhme – Wuzzelbud FF

Worst advice you ever got:
To work as guitar technician for rock concerts in Italy

Longest set you’ve ever DJed:
12 hours

Describe your ideal partner in 3 words:
Funny, smart and catchy.

Name your childhood idol:
Robert Smith

Your idol now:
My father

Your go-to after-party weapon:
Most likely a Todd Terje track.

The album you listen to when you need to chill out after a big weekend:
Placebo – MTV Unplugged 2015 (Live from London)

The song you’d play at the apocalypse:
I wish I will never have to play at that gig, but maybe a classical music track.

Something you tried once and will never try again:
Doing a jump on a mountain bike into the sea.

Favorite party destination:
Wherever the good party is!

Worst trend of 2018:
Thinking that being a DJ/Producer is just business and don’t approach the Electronic music industry with enough passion for the music, some don’t even have a basic knowledge of the scene.

If you could live in any decade:

Favorite guilty pleasure tune:
Simply Red – Picture Book

Favorite Sunday relaxation ritual:
Taking care of my trees and discovering new albums.

The most WTF thing you’ve ever seen at a club:
A guy reading a book in the middle of the dance floor.

The first CD/Vinyl you ever bought:
The Cure – Disintegration’

Trend you wish would make a comeback:
Artists who are like Freddy Mercury, Michael Jackson and Aretha Franklin