Best moment in your career so far:
Music wise probably having a top 10 record, that was a moment. Gig wise maybe playing the discoteca at Space Ibiza, that was a surreal almost out of body experience.

Your absolute favorite track:
Really impossible to pick one, Brand New are my favorite band without a doubt…
So I might just pick one of theirs like ‘The Quiet Things That No-One Ever Knew’

One thing in your life you can’t live without:
Food.. 😀

Crazy party night out or a night spent at home and why:
A night spent at home, I live with my best friend and away from touring it’s so nice to have a haven where you can relax.

A movie or TV show that changed your life?
Pfft.. again so hard. Maybe Have I Got News For You, watching it with my parents when I was younger got me engaged with politics from (I think) quite a good angle.

Your go-to drink for a night out:
Craft beer.

The weirdest thing you have seen in your travels:
There was a guy in Brooklyn walking around with his cat hanging onto his shoulder, well at least, I think it was his cat

The one classic track that will never leave your DJ bag:
There’s loads, tonnes of disco, house… I don’t think I’d ever permanently reject a record from my bag, old or new as long as it’s good it’s good with me. Might say Gwen Guthrie – Ain’t Nothin Going On But The Rent

One wish that you have:
That mankind would stop hating/fighting each other

What can clubbers expect from your set
A varied journey, a bit of everything, some old some new…
I usually try and read the room and meander through genres