The trippiest track in your crate right now:
Matthias Meyer & Ryan Davis – Hope 😉

Worst advice you ever got:
You should concentrate on a ‘normal’ serious job (My teacher back in the days)

Longest set you’ve ever DJed:
12 hours alone

Describe your ideal partner in 3 words:
Alive, fun, loving.

Name your childhood idol:
Dj Koze

Your idol now:
Dj Koze

Your go-to after-party weapon:
Freaks – Conscious Of My Conscience (Henrik Schwarz Remix)

The album you listen to when you need to chill out after a big weekend:
I don’t really listening to music at home, if yes ambient, orchestra, downtempo music.

The song you’d play at the apocalypse:
Pachanga Boys – Time

Something you tried once and will never try again:
Jumping from a 22 metre bridge!

Favorite party destination:

Worst trend of 2017:
Donald Trump

If you could live in any decade:

Now Closed club you wish you could visit:
The old “Tresor”, Berlin

Favorite guilty pleasure tune:
Pharrell Williams & Snoop Doog – Beautiful

Favorite Sunday relaxation ritual:
Sundays don’t exist 😉

The most WTF thing you’ve ever seen at a club:
A queuing system for the bar, the ones you have at the check in at airports.

The first CD you ever bought:
Die Fantastischen Vier – Eins und eins London nehme ich keins…auf dem Wasserbett…und die ganze Nacht!

First Vinyl:
Josh Wink – Higher State of consciousness

Trend you wish would make a comeback:
Cadenza like sound around 2008