The trippiest track in your crate right now:
Any and all of Sebastian Muellart’s new stuff.

Longest set you’ve ever DJed:
about 10 hours

Name your childhood idol:

Your idol now:

The album you listen to when you need to chill out after a big weekend:
Divine Comedy – Short Album About Love

The song you’d play at the apocalypse:
Megadeth – Tornado Of Souls

Something you tried once and will never try again:
Being in the audience at a big EDM festival

Favorite party destination:

Worst trend of 2017:

If you could live in any decade:
1980s (I was a bit too young at the time)

Now Closed club you wish you could visit:

Favorite guilty pleasure tune:
Alexander O’Neill – Criticize

Favorite Sunday relaxation ritual:
Meditation followed by football on TV

The most WTF thing you’ve ever seen at a club:
Everything I saw at Stadium

The first CD you ever bought:
Metallica – Metallica

Trend you wish would make a comeback:
The toleration of opposing points of view