The trippiest track in your crate right now:
I guess since I only do live PAs, I would have to choose my own track ‘Crayzy‘ as it’s got that feeling. It’s hypnotic but can also be a real head trip.

Worst advice you ever got:
“You can sleep when you are dead.” I mean, f**k that! I party go for a while, but when the gas tank is empty you gotta rest. Health and longevity are the key to life!

Longest set you’ve ever DJ’d:
I did a 5 hour live set once, that was the longest I ever went. Actually, I surprised myself as I thought it would get boring playing my own music that long, but it didn’t. Or maybe it did and I was just too drunk…either way the crowd seemed to be having a good time.

Describe your ideal partner in 3 words:
Funny, charismatic, and driven.

Name your childhood idol:
Hmm I really have no idea….

Your idol now:
Maybe, Elon Musk. He is trying to save the human race. Can’t really touch that. Visionary through and through.

Your go-to after-party weapon:
Shades….whether the sun is out or not.

The album you listen to when you need to chill out after a big weekend:
Anything from Air

The song you’d play at the apocalypse:
I guess I wouldn’t really know until that moment. Maybe a party track, something from Snoop Dogg or similar. If we all are gonna die, might as well light one up and have a party.

Something you tried once and will never try again:
I ate this horse sashimi in Japan. It was gnarly. Never again.

Favorite party destination:
Currently Bali, because I can party, do yoga, eat healthy and surf really good waves!

Worst trend of 2017:
Street wear. It’s not high fashion.

If you could live in any decade:
Would have to be the 60’s into 70’s transition. The music was amazing.

Now Closed club you wish you could visit:
Any of the old New York dance club institutions. Seems like it used to be way crazier than it is now.

Favorite guilty pleasure tune:
Anything from the Justin Timberlake catalog 😉

Favorite Sunday relaxation ritual:
Pizza. Couch. Nap. Repeat.

The most WTF thing you’ve ever seen at a club:
People having sex. Like, straight up dance floor sex.

The first CD you ever bought:
2001 by Dr. Dre.

Trend you wish would make a comeback:
Originality. Take musical risks, it’s what pushes us forward.

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