Best moment in your career so far:
The moment when I realized that I can live from my music and I was able to cancel my daytime job. (even tough i really enjoyed also my daytime-job.;-)

Your absolute favorite track:
I think I don´t have THE favorite track. I have so many favorite tracks out there in different music styles.
One of my all time favorite band is definitely “Depeche Mode”.

One thing in your life you can’t live without:
My 6 years old son.

Crazy party night out or a night spent at home and Why:
I really enjoy both. Maybe the best for me is to have a crazy party night out on Saturday and a chilled night at home on Sunday! 😉

A movie or TV show that changed your life:
No movie or TV show changed my life. But I remember I was a big “The Lord of the Rings” fan! 😉

Your go-to drink for a night out:
Gin Tonic, Mojito, Beer.

The one classic track that will never leave your DJ bag:
Lindstrom – I feel space

What can clubbers expect from your set:
I will play a Live-Set with brand new productions, mixed with some classic ones. The clubbers can expect a lot of lovely melodies, big basslines and hopefully some euphoric moments. 😉