Worst advice you ever got:
Try to musically blend in and later in your career find your own style… shit won’t work you will go unnoticed.

Longest set you’ve ever DJed:
Bot 5 hour sets.. plenty of times when the crowd is great and lets me take them on a journey and he henny keeps flowing. Club Harlem in Tokyo, dopeboys in Rotterdam, jamrock etc.

Describe your ideal partner in 3 words:
Openminded wanderlust hotgyal

Name your childhood idol:
Leonardo, coolest turtle of them all!

Your idol now:
Elon Musk

Your go-to after-party weapon:
Henny & Redbull

The album you listen to when you need to chill out after a big weekend:
Sizzla – da real thing

The song you’d play at the apocalypse:
Drake – god’s plan 😝

Something you tried once and will never try again:
Budget bus vacation to Salou, Spain. Go ahead label me as a diva!

Favorite party destination:
Pfff so much. Love dancehall parties in the Caribbean, but also house in the UK.

Worst trend of 2018:
Plastic see through clothes stuff. And ppl still rocking balr and philip plein shit.

If you could live in any decade:
End of the 70’s early 80’s during the birth of HipHop in NY.

Now Closed club you wish you could visit:
Roxy in Amsterdam. Heard soooo many stories.

Favorite guilty pleasure tune:
Last few years: Avicii – wake me up

Favorite Sunday relaxation ritual:
Eggs Benedict, good drama movie, Pax 3 fully filled, warm bath and relaxing soul/reggae/house.

The most WTF thing you’ve ever seen at a club:
The signs at the door in Japan. No dancing allowed, no talking to girls.

The first CD/Vinyl you ever bought:
First cd – bone thugs in harmony – east 1999 eternal… well actually before that I got some Thunderdome cd’s but let’s forget that.

First final: Lauryn hill – doo-wop bw lost ones

Trend you wish would make a comeback:
Scratching or art of dj’ing in hiphop (live shows)