Kicking off his career in the music business over a decade ago working at a vinyl distributor, Stuttgart’s Normen Flaskamp began producing back in 1999 and was releasing records under various guises on different labels soon after – but it was in 2006 that his solee alias was born, propelling him to new heights in the house and techno realm. in 2006 he decided to take the reins into his own hands and set up a label, parquet recordings – a venture with straight distribution to disseminate his distinctive take on melodic, potent techno and lush, grooving tech house. the name solee was chosen as his new nom-de-plume and to serve as a creative rebirth, and this project has been his focal point since then.

Bottles of Belvedere are chilled and only 1.5mill nett before midnight!

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Strict door policy: Smart and casual dress code, no singlets, shorts or flip-flops. Management deserves the right to refuse entry.